Public transport is already a 🔥 mess, we need to ❄️ the fares!

The cost to use public transport is about to go up. From next month Auckland Transport is planning on charging more for almost every trip. The price increase will punish people who do travel sustainably, and will lead to thousands fewer people taking public transport every day, increasing congestion and emissions. It’s not what we need for our city.

Auckland’s public transport patronage has been increasing remarkably in the last few years. That has led to an impressive increase in the amount of us taking buses, trains and ferries. That’s something everyone, especially Auckland Transport, should be proud of.

Unfortunately the way the current system is set up, the more people who take public transport, the more it will cost. It’s a ridiculous system that punishes Aucklanders for doing the right thing.  

Sign the petition to change that.